School Counseling
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Pathways Counseling

The Goals of Counseling and Guidance at Pathways Alternative School consist of, but are not limited to, helping students:


·        Understand and develop a positive self-image

·        Show respect for the feelings of others

·        Maintain effective relationships with peers and adults

·        Gain an understanding of the world of work   


The Pathways Alternative School Counselor may work with individual students to improve their social skills, discuss feelings, and to empower problem solving methods. Counseling services are available to meet with every student individually and/or as a group.  

The Pathways Alternative School Counselor assists all students. While the Pathways Alternative School Counselor may be limited in being able to provide extensive, long-term counseling, it may be appropriate for Pathways Alternative students to receive short-term individual counseling. When more attention and intervention is required, the Pathways Alternative School Counselor can act as a referral agent for parents to access counseling services within the community. 

The Pathways Alternative School Counselor collaborates with teachers and administrators to promote student learning. As issues arise, the school counselor may join with teachers to come up with practical strategies which may remove educational barriers and enhance the learning environment of the student.

Our ultimate goal at Pathways Alternative School is to strive in helping “Educate and Graduate” EVERY student.