About The School
Mission Statement  

The mission of Pathways Alternative School is to provide an opportunity for students to stay on track to graduate and to continue their basic academic coursework during their remanded tenure.



To provide students with successful educational experiences.

To build self-esteem and self-discipline.

To meet students where they are and help them to find a path where they can be successful.


School Hours
7:45 a.m. - 2:45 p.m.



No bus transportation to and from the alternative school. Parents must provide transportation


Dress Code – Males and Females:

No jewelry of any kind is permitted. No watches are permitted.

Slacks must be khaki (tan or navy in color)

Slacks must be worn at the waist at all times

Slacks with holes are not permitted

Belts are required and cannot be the cause of slacks sagging

Skirts of any kind are NOT allowed

A 3-button, Polo/Golf shirt is required for both male and female students. The bottom button must be buttoned at all times. Shirt must be tucked in at all times.

Long-sleeved shirts may be worn under the polo/golf shirt in winter

Closed-toe shoes must be worn (no sandals, flip-flops, etc)

Clothing that can conceal items –NOT permitted

Purses, hats, and backpacks are NOT permitted

Hairstyle must not disrupt the educational process/no unusual coloring allowed

Students will maintain a clean, neat appearance at all times

Standard jackets can be worn to/from school. Biker/over-sized/trench coats not allowed

Jackets in the classroom are strictly at the discretion of the classroom teacher and school principal

Students who do not meet the dress code will be sent home.

For more information visit our District Site or consult your Student Handbook.